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Real-Time Location Intelligence Platform

By Mapgears

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Real-time Location Intelligence Platform


Connect web spatial services and real-time data from your organization (water levels, trucks, Internet of Things, etc.). 

Add datasets of major geospatial formats including Microsoft Excel, ESRI SHP, Garmin GPX, Google KML, MapInfo MIF/TAB and raster formats such as GeoTiff, GRD, and others.

Centralize your data into one convenient library specially tailored to your business needs.


Combine layers of spatial information from internal and/or external data sources to generate professional mapping applications.  


Field workers and office personnel can collaborate in real-time.


Data collection is exceptionally easy thanks to data entry right onto the maps you created.


Download and export business intelligence anytime, anywhere.


Share apps with a few mouse clicks and enable worldwide real-time collaboration. 

Managed user-based permissions provide tightly controlled access to all data.


Seamless integration with your existing applications to provide complete services to your customers.

How we can help

Centralize all of your spatial data in one spot

Save time by streamlining and automating operations

Get a solution tailored to


business reality

Share real-time information to users all around the world

Lower your overall IT costs

Our Real-time Solutions




We help municipalities make better operational and planning decisions based upon the use of real-time information combined with historical data, all in one convenient web portal. The municipal GIS team is in charge of uploading and maintaining their datasets into the cloud platform. Once connected, they can create many different kinds of useful applications with their real time data like road conditions tracking overview and other custom apps based on municipal real-time data feeds.

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Meet Mapgears

Our story

Mapgears is a Canadian company that has been actively engaged in the development and integration of GIS solutions in organizations for over a decade. After a few years of "reinventing the wheel" each time, we decided it was time for a better solution.


With that idea in mind, we built a Real-Time Location Intelligence platform, a complete geospatial platform based on solid open source bases developed by a community we are proudly part of since many years.

Our expertise

Members of Mapgears have been contributing for many years to the development of MapServer, a high-performance web mapping engine. Comprised of web developpers, network engineers and GIS experts, our team specializes in open source tools and particularily those of the OSGeo project, such as MapServer,

PostGIS,  GDAL/OGR,  OpenLayers, etc.


We are also lucky to count on  a rich network of partners with a wide array of skills, from geology to mobile development.

Our mission

Mapgears seeks to offer personalized solutions and consulting services that stand as an alternative to the traditional offering available in the geospatial market. Our objective is to empower organizations with solutions tailored to their reality and challenges, helping them achieve more with less effort. Whether you are new to the world of GIS or already have your own development team, Mapgears can help you get to the next level.

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