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Real-time Location Intelligence

Real-time Location Intelligence Platform

The Real-time Location Intelligence Platform is a sophisticated web platform that allows users to import, analyze, manipulate and share GIS data.

It transforms what would otherwise be a static mapping environment into a dynamic, easily customizable web mapping application that will give you quick results without the need for a developer. 


Key features:

  • Rock-solid Open source foundation

  • Straightforward and powerful functionalities

  • User-friendly and easy to pick up

  • Flexible and fully customizable



Centralize your data

Centralize and organize your geospatial data in a comprehensive library. We support more than 250 vector or raster spatial formats. Every vector dataset imported into the Platform is stored in a PostgreSQL database, allowing users to view, edit, analyze and compare imported datasets to find business insights.

Manage Groups and Users

Administrators or privileged users can create and manage groups as well as add other users.  Compatible with LDAP directory protocol when solution is installed IT infrastructure.

Manage permissions

Administrators and privileged users can share Platform resources with any groups or users and normal users can share their own resources. Data sources can be shared through a "viewable" or "editable" mode. A sophisticated permission cascading mechanism allows users to share maps with many users no matter their permission access type. Secured data will be removed from the map and protected depending on the user level access.

Flexible way to update data source

Data sets can be updated directly from the web mapping application built on the platform based on the users privileges and permissions. Privileged users can also used a remote database connection which is managed by the administrator and edit datasets that are connected to the Platform.  Use expert software like QGIS or pgAdmin to query and update database tables connected to the platform.


Process is a platform feature that allows advanced users create dynamic queries or views. The process is similar to a SQL query that is built with the aid of a simplified user interface. You can choose between different numeric, string  and spatial functions like minimum, maximum, round, concatenate, join, spatial join, buffer and many more.

Platform API

You will have access to server and javascript API to build your custom application.

Organize your library

Users can organize their library according to their own classification needs with the help of "Spaces". All platform resources are classified by type and spaces through a simple user interface, letting users easily navigate through their content.

Manage  privileges

Administrators can manage privileges for all users.  Different kinds of privileges allows users to access different platform features, like data sources, processes, maps, forms, applications, etc.  The more privileges a user has, the more resources he will be able to connect and create.

Synchronize platform data source

Data can be synchronized into your account from remote sources through URL.  You can select the refresh periodicity and the insert strategy(append/replace)

Connect real-time data feeds

get real-time information coming from any type of sensor or individual on the ground.  We provide a cloud infrastructure that lets you visualize and monitor the state of all your connected datasets and get precious real-time metrics.

Event listener 

You can configure listeners that will trigger alerts. It is also possible to update or configure the response based on the event that was performed on platform.



Connect web services

Connect remote OGC Web services(WMS, WMTS, TMS, XYZ)​

Connect real-time data feed

Real-time data feed can come from our asset tracking gateway or any other real-time asset tracking or IoT data providers.  If we don't have the feed driver provider, we will create it for your need.

Connect base map

Select the commercial or free basemap provider of your choice. We support all available static tiles services on the market (Google, Bing, HERE, Mapbox, OpenStreetMap, etc).  You will need to create your commercial account first then use your API key to connect them.  

Connect data source

Connect to your user library the datasets that were previously added to our powerful internal spatial database. The import function allows you to add any formats currently available on the market. 




Create maps by adding layers from data sources or processes resources.  Set layers styles from the map editor or use advance scripting mapping (mapserver mapfile) for complex visualization.  Maps will then be available for the application editor.



Forms allow advanced users to set which fields will be available in their web application and chose control type depending on the field type (text, choice field, checkbox, day picker and more). More than one Form can be used for the same data source.


Create charts to support advanced visualization applications.  You have access to bar, line, gauge, counter and 3D charts configurable by advance option.  Advance users will be able to use their own charts library by using javascript snippet.


Advance users now have the ability to use Jaspersoft Studio to create advance printable report.  It will be possible to  generate those reports from map features and set input parameters through form



Build mapping applications

Basic mapping applications can be created easily by selecting a map from your library, choose map tools, set data editing options, spatial filters, data exploration browser and much more.

Build data applications

Data applications allow platform administrators to let users edit data without any map.  All forms configuration option can be used to configure data applications.

Build dashboard applications

Create dashboard applications by adding resources previously created in your account.  Select charts, maps, data grid to add in your dashboard and personalize it with logo and title.  Dashboard support cross filter through all dashboard resources.

Build customized 

Build your own personalized web application by customizing CSS and adding your own Javascript snippet





Improved solution based on open source software

Out of the box

Available "out of the box” without any custom programming required

Save money

Save money by using low-cost software and by optimizing your business workflow