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By Mapgears

Real-time Location Intelligence

Real-Time Road Conditions and Monitoring

The interactive Road Conditions and Monitoring solution provides municipal operation departments with a real-time visual display of road conditions and fast and easy access to road reports (i.e. How many times the roads have been plowed or salted over a given period?).


Current road conditions are updated in near real-time.  With geographic search, pan and zoom functionalities, users can define and view any specific area of interest.  Users can also access road information, snow plow status or generate road reports that can include the number of times a road has been plowed and/or salted for a defined period in time. Any related GIS layer can also be displayed and integrated.


Map Panel: The OSM Street Basemap and the regional road network. 

Map Controls: Tools for defining the geographic extent of the map (panning and zooming) and toggling the road conditions status and legends on and off.

Time Machine: Easy access to one year’s worth of road conditions simply by selecting date and time ranges.

Map Filters: Search filters for locating a specific geographic location, neighborhood, road and maintenance type.

How it works


Import your data

Import the road network of your municipality and all other GIS data you want to see on your map.  No matter the format, we support it!

Organizing your Data

Our technical team will process your road network to integrate it into the Time Machine analyzer, and will work with you to organize all your data to fit your needs

Connect your fleet

Take advantage of connecting your fleet at low cost, or let us re-use the GPS tracking feed from your current provider.

Get real-time road status

Users can select any road segment to open a status information window which will provide the most current information.  Get day/time road condition status or go back in time.  Retrieve historical weather information from the Time Machine tool based on your fleet location history.

Create users and groups

The administrator of your account will have the ability to create users and groups to manage permissions on applications and secured datasets.


Optimize your operations

Management team can review and document long-term road service patterns, review service timing.

Print reports

Easy way to verify contractor billing and keep municipal decision makers up-to-date.

Keep citizens informed

Helps to reduce citizen complaints and support defense of service of claims.

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