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Real-time Location Intelligence

By Mapgears

Smart solutions

Gear up your team with Mapgears and fast track the development of your next niche market cloud solution based on Mapgears Location Intelligence Platform

Our Smart Solutions, one of our most popular products, helps you develop and serve your niche market. Mapgears' team will work with you to streamline a solution that will meet your customer needs.  Import, connect location dataset, connect real-time data feed and advance our generic Platform with custom development.  You will be able to acquire and retain customers to grow your business.

End-to-End process

Location data -

IoT -

Real-time data -


Smart Solution

- User benefits

- Productivity gains

- Cost savings

Transportation cycles and timber harvesting monitoring

We are helping forestry companies to manage their field operations. The Mapgears Location Platform was configured with an « out of the box » application template to help monitor transportation cycles with GPS asset tracking connected through a satellite provider, to digitize forest road constructions and to follow timber harvesting operations with collaboration tools.  We centralized all operational data on a spatial database and created web apps for several types of forestry needs.

  • Less field data collection workflow steps.

  • Less work for GIS Team.

  • Data is up-to-date in real time.

  • Reduced overall field data collection cost.

  • Usable anywhere and anytime by foremen.

Powerline facility inspections

By combining regular high-resolution video data with a spatial intelligence platform, Mapgears allows energy companies to make smarter decisions on the health of power line assets and their environment.  We created a dashboard application based on the Mapgears Location Platform that gives access to customer inspection data. We used Vimeo cloud service to store, process and visualize synchronously, different types of video sensors.

  • Beat the competition with a new way to visualize in one web app, power lines maps, location of anomalies, geocoded videos and reports.

  • Terabytes of data available in the cloud protected by customers account.

Flood monitoring

Connected Hydro Météo data feed of water level sensors into Mapgears location Platform and created a web dashboard that shows all real-time relevant information to alert subscribers of potential flooding.

  • A Major shift of subscription business.

  • Custom weather model based on real-time data.

  • Attractive look and feel with charts and maps.

  • Manage subscription based on permission levels.

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