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Real-time Location Intelligence

Trail Manager

Our Trail Manager product is just the tip of the iceberg, really!  


In collaboration with its partners Mapgears offers a complete "From Trail to Map" solution to snowmobile club federations and other trail management organizations that includes four key components:


Real Time Trail Status

Monitor your trail network and operations based on real time information coming from groomer GPS and individuals in the field:

  • Trail conditions derived automatically from GPS tracks or from observations in the field

  • Know where your people and assets are at all times

  • Enhanced security, reporting & cost management

  • Time machine to go back to any point in time

Trail Manager

  • Easy to use, self-service tools

  • Manage your trail network and infrastructures on a map

  • Update points of interest and service information (hotels, restaurants, dealers, sponsors, etc.)

  • Edit and publish snow tours

  • Compatible with popular GIS formats

Mobile Trail App

  • Bring the map with you on the trail

  • Works offline: locate yourself on the map even without cell coverage

  • Share your location with friends

  • Compatible with iOS and Android devices

Online Trail Map

  • Interactive trail map

  • Real time trail status

  • Services, points of interest, snow tours

  • Itinerary planning

  • Compatible with desktop and mobile devices


How it works

Import your data

Import the trail network, your POI and all other data you need on your map.  No matter the format, we support them all!

Organizing your Data

Our technical team will process your trail network to fit it into the Trails Status engine and will work with you to organize all your data to suit your needs.

Connect your groomers

We will connect your groomers fleet to your Trails Manager account.  Use our satellite GPS tracking service or send us your actual GPS tracking service provider specifications to connect on our Trails Status engine. 

Update your trails and POI

As an administrator, you can manually perform small changes to your trail network to reflect the reality on the field.  As you know, you may have frequent updates to apply to keep you trail network and POI up to date over a season.

Create users and groups

The administrator of your account will have the ability to create users and groups to manage permissions on applications and secured datasets.


Publish real-time trails status to your members in your dedicated public Trails Status web app.

Keep public informed


Keep your Trails and POI up-to-date.

Mobile ready

Publish your maps through a dedicated mobile app.

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